The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

© 2015 by Carla Finzel Domiciliary Referral Veterinary Nurse

​' I provide you with a quality assurance system
which ensures client concordance.
As a veterinary nurse I need to think critically about results
and how to achive these for the patients in my care:
  • in less time
  • for less money
  • with minimal stress for my patient, the owner
       and the veterinarian in charge'

  • I consider each patient to be a unique individual, and of course a very special pet. They deserve and will receive the very best veterinary nursing care.

  • For referral email me on the link above a copy of relevant history and how I can assist you.

  • I usually come to your practice to meet you and your patient and can be there at discharge with you and the owner so that we can create the nursing plan specific to clinical nursing needs.

  • Intensive care patients i.e spinal/orthopaedic/eye treatments/wound management/palliative/cardiac/etc ~ rates will be given upon clinical meeting with multimodal veterinary team.

  • 12hr Blood Glucose Curve monitor service at your patient’s home. You will be provided with a full written report.

  • Diabetic 1hr visit assessment with blood sampling and clinical written report.

  • Blood pressure monitoring house visit 75mins with full written report.