The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

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"Learning that our cat, Tigger, had Acromegaly and would need twice daily insulin injections was hugely stressful, especially as my partner and I both have busy work schedules and Tigger, whilst very loving, didn’t particularly like being handled. Carla really helped us adjust to his new care regime, both supporting us in the home and taking care of Tigger (at our house) when away for the weekend or holidays. Watching how she interacts with Tigger, always so calm, patient and loving, has really helped us to learn the best way to handle his increasingly challenging care - that now also includes tablets and eye drops. I’m not sure what we would have done without her support and have no hesitation in recommending her unique service."

Mark and Matt, Brighton


"My cat requires regular fluidtherapy supportive treatment, 30mls  subcutaneous injection, every 48hrs, supplemented with potassium and zantac, due to her kidney condition. We were unable to take trips to our Veterinary Surgery every two days as it would cause distress to our pet and as both my husband and I work, it would be very difficult to manage.  Carla was recommended to us by our Veterinary Surgeon, so that she could visit us at home and administer the injections to Toshi.  When she visited us first time she went through all the details to understand our cat’s needs and get to know her. She was very professional and gave me great advice on post hospital care.
Carla is passionate about her job and you can see that from the way she interacts with animals., She is professional, reliable and has been a true godsend to us. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Alex and Lee, Hove


"Carla knew our Rottweiler/Labrador cross Gorgeous, over many years....and he knew her. She walked alongside us during the last week of his life. Her support was empathetic, professional and lovely."

Nicola, Steve, Portia & Theo, Shoreham-by-Sea 


"The option to have our 5 cats looked after in their own home by someone with the appropriate professional qualifications gave us the peace of mind that enabled us to enjoy our holiday. The regular updates really helped us to relax. The cats couldn't have been in better hands and are counting the days as to when we will leave them in your care again."

Clare & Neal, Shoreham-by-Sea 


 "The service and care that Carla provided for our Alfie boy was invaluable.  When Alfie became poorly with terminal heart failure it was a heart-breaking and daunting prospect for us.  Being told by our Vet that we would have to administer drugs to Alfie daily for life, we said “Whatever it takes we will do it!” but soon realised what a difficult task this was.  Twice daily we were trying to give Alfie his tablets.  We had already booked a holiday too – we thought we might have to cancel or put Alfie in a Cattery – something we had not done before. Then we found Carla.  She came to meet us all and quickly I felt reassured that we were leaving our boy in safe hands.  She is so kind and gentle and totally professional.  Not only did she take on the tablet administering and feeding of both our cats while we were away but she spent time with me and gave me the confidence to continue to medicate Alfie, when I was unsure if I would be able to do this for him long term.  We were able to trust Carla to come into our home and look after our cats and have done this for another holiday also.  Even when my 20 year old daughter was at home and we were away, the responsibility for her to give Alfie his tablets was too much so Carla discretely came in to do this with no encroaching on my daughter or her time at home, when she may have been rushing to get off to work.   Alfie and Misty love Carla coming to visit when we are away and now Alfie runs to greet her too.  This service is brilliant and I would highly recommend Carla to any of my friends or family if they ever needed her." Michelle & Lee, Shoreham-by-Sea


"Carla has looked after our young cat, Yoshi, whilst we've been away on two occasions; we feel incredibly fortunate to have met her. Carla is an entirely trustworthy and warm individual, who is clearly dedicated to her profession and the care/ welfare of animals. Before staying, Carla took the time to come and meet Yoshi and discuss, at length, her routine, needs, likes, dislikes, etc,. Whilst away, we received regular updates documenting Yoshi's days without us - it was such a relief to know she was in such loving and capable hands. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carla!"

Mia & Tony, Shoreham-by-Sea

Tilly's testimonial

"Carla did a wonderful job looking after our elderly cat, Bruce, when he was very ill. She is extremely caring and trustworthy and we wouldn't hesitate to ask her to look after our other pets in the future."
Ralph, Burgess Hill

Carla came and looked after our 15 week old Lab puppy while we were away on holiday and we couldn't recommend her more highly. She obviously loves the animals and she looked after Ronnie perfectly. She also took great care of our house and we came back to a lovely looking house and a happy puppy so what could be better. Carla is a lovely warm and kind person who you immediately feel a bond with and in whom you can easily put your trust. Thank you Carla, Vic Joel Vita and Gloria xx


Carla looked after my diabetic cat while I was away for six days. This included all the usual cat care tasks as well as giving him his twice daily insulin injections. Carla was extremely professional, caring and thorough. She sent regular update messages and spent lots of quality time with Felix. He is a very nervous cat but Carla soon formed a good relationship with him. I felt I could completely relax while I was away as I knew Felix was in such safe hands. I would certainly recommend Carla's services to others. Jenny, Hove


Hannah and Tarn's testimonial.

"A few years ago our cat Reg was terminally ill and for the last few days of his life Carla took the best care of him. We cannot thank her enough for the love and attention she gave him, ensuring that he suffered as little as possible."

Hilary, Shoreham By Sea


"We have left our precious dog Lola in Carla's care on numerous occasions with complete confidence. Her professional care and advice have been invaluble. Carla is one of Lola's very best friends and she loves to spend time with her."

Jane and Gerard, Shoreham by Sea

"Carla did a great job of looking after our three cats whilst we were away on holiday. Whilst they did not need medication they did need care and company and Carla took great trouble to make sure they were happy and healthy whilst we were away. This gave us great peace of mind and a house full of happy cats to return to. We will definitely be asking for Carla's help again in the future!"

Louise & Anthony, Hove


"He just loves when Carla comes around and takes him on great adventures, then come back for a siesta on her lap."

Magín,  Cáceres