The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

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Roz Wright BVSc BSc GPCert (EMS) MRCVS - Hospital Vet at New Priory Vets Brighton

"Carla’s service working in the community to enable and empower owners to care for their unwell pets at home is invaluable. We have had many cases where she has been instrumental in getting patients home from our hospital much sooner than would have been possible without her assistance and support. The animals thrive in their home environment and the owners value the precious time with their companions, particularly if their pets are receiving palliative care. But, even more importantly, Carla helps those who are physically not capable of dealing with an unwell pet: owners with dementia, elderly owners learning to give insulin to a diabetic patient, owners with disabilities and owners who are anxious about how to administer medications, injections and tube feeds. As vets, she is our eyes and ears in the community and our go to whenever someone needs a little help, guidance and a kind ear. The District Veterinary Nursing movement seems a trivial concept but has a huge impact on the wellbeing of owners and animals within our society. " #vetreferrals #animalwelfare #humanwellbeing #districtveterinarynurse



Dr Eimear Humphreys MVB MRCVS, Owner & Veterinary Surgeon, Vets4Pets, Worthing

  I was lucky enough to meet Carla whilst volunteering with streetvet - we discussed her initiative and i was very impressed with her dedication and passion. Fastforward a couple of months and i was contacting Carla to help me with a wonderful family and their cat who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Although clinically he was doing well our curves or nadir samples weren't matching the clinical picture. Carla has been instrumental in tailoring this cats treatment by doing blood glucose curves at home. This has enabled me to accurately assess the current trends and treatment protocol for our patient. My client has been delighted this service was available to her and we are now managing this case very successfully. Carla is easily contactable and the service provided to my clinic has been fabulous. I love being able to have this tremendously important service to offer my clients when needed and hope that the RCVS recognise this as a very important area worth their support."

Dr Peter Haggis BVM&S, Cert SAO, AP (Orthopaedics), MRCVS, Director Wilbury Veterinary Surgery:
“Over the past few years we have used Carla Finzel’s excellent service to help manage several complex patients in their owners’ homes. It has been invaluable to aid our communication with owners who are often struggling to come to grips with on-going medication administration, giving injections at home, blood pressure monitoring in a calm environment, etc. Carla works very well with the practice: clearly communicating progress and our wishes to the owner. I wish Carla well in furthering her district nurse project.”

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Gayle Foggon RVN Head of Veterinary Nursing.

"I have been veterinary nursing for over 20 years and in my current position as Head Nurse at Coastway Veterinary Group in Shoreham, West Sussex; I often find us in situations that require us to be able to offer help and support to our clients in their own homes for various reasons. These can include lack of existing help with people living alone, physical disabilities or limitations of physical abilities, lack of confidence in putting in place recommended treatments or monitoring following instructions from our veterinary surgeons; all the way through to simple everyday care procedures such as weigh ins, nail clips and the like.

We are so lucky to have Carla on hand to be able to offer essential help in clients’ homes for such a large range of things. Carla runs her service with every bit of efficiency and care that one would expect from an RVN, but with the additional personal touch of being able to come into the clients own environment. She provides comprehensive notes and dialogue after every visit, which we collate with our own to form a thorough clinical history. We then liaise over treatment plans for many different conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity and our requests are always followed strictly and excellent feedback given by Carla but also the clients who have made use of her service. Often, diagnosis that involve long term treatment can be daunting at the very least for clients; Carlas’ in-home support allows them to gain in confidence with medicating and monitoring their pets’ condition and we have the reassurance that that animal is being very regularly checked upon in the stress free environment of their own home. We have also found that it improves their education of the complaint they are dealing with on a day to day basis.

Carla is passionate about the service she offers to our clients and we are 100% confident that they are in great hands when she attends their homes to offer support and care. We do not hesitate to recommend her in a variety of situations and view her as an extended member of our team."
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"Hi Carla

How lovely to hear from you again and what an exciting business you have. I think the service you offer is indeed unique and, for cats, it sounds like a wonderful idea and I can see so many opportunities for you to assist owners with the nursing of the post-operative patient and the chronically sick and all those routine things that need to be done but are so stressful for the patient in practice. I look forward to reading your article and of course you can link direct to my website.

I wish you every success.

all the best



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