The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

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" I met Lucinda and her family at a critical time when the orthopaedic injury sustained to her lumbosacral spine had damaged the nerve supply to her bladder.  If an animal cannot urinate the bladder will internally burst and cause death.  With injuries like these we always explain to the owner the prognosis is guarded, we have a limited window of time, few weeks, to nurse injuries and hope the patient's neurological recovery will take place - if Lucinda can empty her bladder safely, then we proceed with orthopaedic surgery.  

Lucinda needed stability, continuity of care, close monitoring, and to be able to provide her nursing care in her own home was just wonderful for me to do. 

Lucinda and I achieved a lot at home, along with the veterinary team who so well worked with me giving me feedback on my clinical reports, as every day from morning to evening there were improvements in her condition. 

I truly believe she knew what I was there for.  And she accepted that I had to express her bladder and that I had to give her medications to help her get better.

....and the love she gave me, when she'd come to cuddle on my lap and look into my eyes and purr.... WOW... "   Carla


"Carla Finzel is a very professional caring veterinary nurse.  She goes above and beyond expectations looking after animals although I think her speciality is cats. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from working in veterinary practice and great back-up contacts if needed.  She is a trustworthy individual who inspires confidence in her work which she loves.  I cannot recommend Carla enough and will always check her availability before going away.


A week before our holidays overseas, our kitten fractured her spine and not only needed twice daily medication she also needed her bladder expressed, which meant two visits to the vets each day.   A friend recommended Carla and later after discussing with our Vet he also recommended Carla.

Unfortunately for us Carla and the few catteries that were able to offer the support the kitten needed were fully booked but Carla and her wonderful personality of always trying to help meant that she re-gigged a few things and was able to visit the cats, expressing and doing daily meds.

We went on holiday a little anxious, not that I didn’t trust Carla – it was just a very stressful time.


Carla gave us updates and photos each day and more if the kitten reached a milestone which we requested.  She also took her to the vets for appointments that were booked before we left and constantly liaised with our veterinary practice. Carla also cooked up chicken and fish which we hadn’t discussed but her common sense approach knew this would assist with the kittens recovery. We were able to enjoy our holiday confident that Carla was in complete control and always had our cats best interest at heart.

Once back, we had milk in the fridge and pre-cooked food in the freezer for the cats.  We had an update meeting over a cuppa and I’m pleased to say the kitten is doing really well.  Carla still calls to see how our kitten is doing and has a genuine affection for both cats – I just wished I’d meet her earlier. She is a wonderful lady, diligent, trustworthy with a warm and friendly personality and I’d have no hesitation recommending her or asking for her help and advice." Debra, Jon, Millie & Hugo - Shoreham-by-Sea