The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

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"In November 2016 I noticed my cat Monty drinking a lot...

I was worried but I couldn’t get him to the vets for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t strong enough and a very kind friend took a few hours off work one day and took me to the vets with Monty.

When I saw my vet Kat, I said that I was worried because I thought he might be diabetic and after doing some tests she agreed that this was the case.

Kat told me that he needed insulin injections twice a day. She asked me if I could do it and I said no at first, I had never done anything like it before, I have cataracts, arthritic wrist, and need the aid of a walking stick to get about.

Fortunately, my vet Kat, was able to recommend a

District Veterinary Nurse – Carla Finzel -

and we made arrangements to meet with Carla to help us.

When Carla and I met, she explained that Monty was just diagnosed and it was crucial to be very structured about his nursing plan from the offset so that Monty would become stable as soon as possible. Not only she stabilised Monty’s diabetes in days, from the 30th of November 2016, than by 14th of February 2017 Monty had gone into remission, no longer needing insulin injections twice a day.

Carla never failed to visit me twice daily morning and evening, Monday to Sunday, even Christmas Bank holidays and New Years, for his administration of insulin by injection and monitoring him.

Also at the same time Carla continued daily to teach how to inject and keep learning about the new daily management and monitoring of Monty.

I was very frightened of injecting Monty because of my vision and my painful hands. Sometimes I did go through his scruff and the insulin would pour out the other side and onto his fur not into him.  So he would not get his insulin dose.  Sometimes I found it tricky to set the right dose of insulin as awaiting cataract operation and was so worried would give him more insulin than he needed and he had a hypo coma.

The challenge to get my cat Monty into his basket, twice a day, and into a taxi to travel to the vets so that the duty nurse could administered the insulin injections 8am in the morning and before their closing time 6pm in the evening would have been “mission impossible” with my walking stick and   Monty in the basket at the age of 85!”

I believe my vet Kat, did the very best for Monty and me, in instructing that under her veterinary care the house visits were essential for the welfare of her patient in question for numerous reasons and, should they ever be questioned, there is enough evidence from numerous sources about the negative impact for some feline patients of visits to the vet practice and how good health can be maintained, and illness managed better, if stress can be kept to a minimum. 


Carla only charged me £15 per day as a gesture of goodwill due to my situation and age and finances.   Petplan wrote to me in December and said they would cover for just one year £3,000 towards Monty’s diabetic treatment needs, and I have only claimed £1,000 towards this condition – not only my cat's diabetes is cured but he hasn’t had emergency treatments and hospitalised time due to hypo comas, etc.

If my vet had not instructed Carla to treat Monty, Monty would have had to go to a rescue centre and wait re-homing, if anyone at all would have given a diabetic cat a home, as was diabetic then, and Monty would be homeless and both his heart and mine broken at been apart"

Jo, Shoreham-by-Sea