The procedures and nursing care I provide are instructed by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Medications or treatments are given according to prescription and under veterinary guidance. 

© 2015 by Carla Finzel Domiciliary Referral Veterinary Nurse


I have been a qualified veterinary nurse 18 years, registered, working in general practice, 9 years of night-shifts in emergency veterinary and referral hospitals. During this time I have learn how difficult it is for people to:

a) assimilate the medical condition we have diagnosed their animal with,  

b) transition the patient from the nursing care implemented in our surgeries and hospitals, to their home environment.


I feel tremendous empathy for an owner, who has arrived to the consult room as the patient is discharged, their beloved pet, and feels helpless.

These owners have just been reunited with their pet, after a very worrying an emotional time apart. The animal may have been brought initially to the surgery or emergency veterinary hospital, extremely sick, and has been hospitalised for a few days/weeks.  

On top of all these we are handing them a goody bag of tablets/ointments/insulin syringes/inhaler/feeding tube - these as it may apply to that patient's condition - and the owner is wondering how is going to manage to administer all these at home.

Oftentimes those first 24hrs-72hrs, condition dependent, when an animal has been discharged and has gone home, is when treatments are not administered successfully and the animal does relapse.  I do not believe this to be the owners fault, because it is just so much to take in for them, and the majority  - unlike us -  have no veterinary training, may live alone, could be disable in some way, frighten to hurt the animal, be many circumstances personal to them.

If our pets were human toddlers, diagnosed with - to name a few examples: epilepsy, diabetes, cardio-respiratory diseases, post orthopaedic operations now convalescing at home, etc, automatically a community nurse and an occupational therapist would be allocated by the medical team to visit these patients in their own homes and help their mum's and dad's,  adjust to the new routine and nursing plan, until they recover or settle.


Why not for animals?

The owners need support and I support them and coach them on how to implement the treatments as prescribed by the veterinary surgeon, and simultaneously this also reassures the veterinary surgeon and team, that the patient and owner have a clinical helping hand at home.

I am acutely aware of the importance of the bond between a person and their pet, so I pride myself on providing compassion and one on one attention, alongside excellent nursing care as part of my unique domiciliary referral veterinary nursing services.  The nursing plan is prepared with  the patient's veterinary surgeon, and I implement it at home and produce when visiting the patient, a clinical report to the veterinary team thus ensure we keep adjusting the nursing care plan according to patient's daily needs.  Everything changes from morning to noon to evening as we all are organic beings.

I particularly enjoy looking after geriatric pets and those receiving palliative care, nursing convalescing orthopaedic/neurological patients, monitoring blood pressure with Thames Medical Doppler, diabetic patients and ophthalmic patients, in their homes.

I have a 100% success rate having achieved remission within 8-10 weeks of diabetes been diagnosed to patients, referred to me by veterinary surgeons,   to my "Diabetic Nursing Clinics"  in the comfort of the animals home, providing 12hr Blood Glucose Curve reports to the veterinary surgeon.  These patients have gone from the need to be injected exogenous insulin  twice daily  to no longer needing injections. 


Whatever your situation I may be able to help, so phone or email me.

I am fully insured and registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Member of the Veterinary Defence Society. British Veterinary Nursing Association. Member of the International Society of Feline Medicine. Vet Member Rabbit Welfare Association. Member British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

"Out & about, on my vet nursing house visits today, to administer veterinary prescribed treatments, and one of my patients presents me with this beautiful bunch of flowers and a bottle of bubbly. Thank you darling Zebedee you have been a really good kitty for your blood test and injections at home xxx! " Carla